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The DC everybody knows about
Standard list of monuments and buildings in DC
Obligatory US Capitol pic
Taken during some festival or another on The Mall (probably the far end of the Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife 2000)
The Dildo (with condom)
The Washington Monument (known locally as The Dildo), during its restoration (the scaffolding of which known locally as The Condom). Definitely taken during the Folklife Festival.
The Dildo at night, being unsheathed
Taken during the dissassembly of the scaffolding, from the vantage point of an extremely small parking lot off the side of the George Washington Parkway, across the Potomac.
The Castle
The information center for the complex of Smithsonian Museums along The Mall.
Lincoln Memorial
Standard shot of the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool.
Jefferson Memorial
Slightly less well-known image of the Jefferson Memorial, due south of The Dildo, across the Tidal Basin. Getting there on foot is a long, hectic schlep across 14th Street and along the main DC corridor into 395 North.
The White House at Christmastime
View of the South Lawn, taken from the Ellipse. Fewer security guards in head-to-toe black with M-16s walking around than the same time last year.