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Links to Sites More Interesting Than This One
Reference, entertaining, personal and just plain weird

Reference Links
Urban Legend Reference Pages Before sending a chain letter to me and 700 of your closest pals about how sending the "It Takes Guts To Forward The Needless Markup Cookie Recipe" to ten of your future ex-friends in the next five seconds will cause the Taco Hell dog to hop across the screen and cut out Bill Gates' kidneys with a free Noika cell phone, go to this site and type the subject of the email into the search engine. After you find out it's a hoax, forward the snopes link back to whoever sent you the thing in the first place instead.
The site also has a message board whose participants often research budding ULs that have yet to be thoroughly debunked. Needless to say, I am a rather active participant. Occasionally small groups of these people (referred to as Snopesters) get together in real life (usually with disastrous results for the restaurant involved). Photos of our most recent gathering can be found here.

Google Groups (current web home of USENET) Before there was a web, the primary source of content on the internet was the USENET newsgroups. Google bought the Deja News archives and now supplies the content of USENET dating back to 1994 for free. If you have a problem with your program, your computer, your car, your cat, your colon or your love life, chances are that somebody before you has asked the same question, and that somebody else has answered it on USENET somewhere.

NOTE: USENET basically consists of tens of thousands of message boards, so the chances are that somebody else has given a completely wrong answer to your problem as well. Caveat Emptor

The Word Detective Good for debunking word origin legends ("Did you know that "cop" once stood for "constable on patrol" and that "posh" came from "port out,starboard home" on ocean cruises?") The Word Origins Site is a useful reference as well.

Word To Word Most comprehensive Babelfish-like translation site I've found (though it's not a translation site as much as it's a list of links to other translation sites). If you need to look up a curse word in Afrikaans or Urdu, or tell somebody in Turkish that you're not a hot 18 year old girl, you need to bookmark this site (and if you have no idea why one would need to do any of these things, go peruse the cricket site linked below)

Favorite Sites
University of Michigan Virus/HoaxBusters If repeated debunkings from don't get through to your personal chain letter forwarder, try replying with the responses on this site. If nothing else, they'll delete your email address from their machine and you'll never have to hear fromthem again.

The Definitive Cricket Site If you think I'm a tiresome cricket bore, check out the CricInfo site. Anything anybody could ever think anybody might want to know about the game of cricket is on this site. If nothing else, this site will prove that I'm not making up all the outlandish, confusing stories I tell about following cricket.

Sydney Morning Herald This does for my stories about Australia what the Cricinfo site does for my stories about cricket (either confirm them or make them seem mild by comparison)

Britney Spears' Guide To Semiconductor Physics I'm totally serious. Good place to look up density of states equations while downloading pictures of Britney standing in front of a Metal-Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition device.

Biblical Errancy Site If a fundie insists on beating you over the head with how the King James Version of the Bible is 100% literally true, check out this site. Regardless of how you feel about his conclusions, his research is quite thorough.

(If said fundie can't seem to understand why you don't want to be "witnessed" to, send him/her over to read the parable entitled Kissing Hank's Ass)

Ellison Webderland - Harlan Ellison's official site If you've never read anything by Harlan Ellison, drop everything you're doing, go over to this site, find examples of his work and read any of the sample savailable. His stories are roller coaster rides set in print.

T.R. & Co. A guy who's been my friend for close to forever has been a sci-fi fan for longer than that, and has been drawing cartoons about it for nearly as long. This is his website. If you've ever been involved in organised fandom, his comics will make perfect sense.

Twenty3 Another friend's site. If you figure out a good way to describe it, please let me know. A sorta-spoof conspiracy site, in a Robert Anton Wilson sort of way. Definitely entertaing, regardless of whethe ror not you figure out what it's talking about.

Just A Minute Still another friend's site. This is a good archive/repository for a BBC radio game show that 99% of you have never heard of called Just A Minute (said 99% including myself, until he told me about it).Teddiby British and teddiby funny.

The Bladder Australian version of The Onion, which an emphasis on sport (as required by law in Australia)

And, of course, no link list would be complete without The Misanthropic Bitch.