Life's a beach (then you fry)
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Life's  a beach (then you fry)

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Life's a Beach (then you fry)
Or freeze, in this case. Taken in Panama City, FL right after Christmas 2001 (note the relatively light jackets)


Primary public beach in Panama City, at the peak of the (off) season

Shell hunting by the Bay County pier

Gulf of Mexico

Sea Oats

Sea oats aren't good for anything but keeping the beach from eroding away, but people pick them anyway (thus the sign and the law)

Upscale decor in the men's restroom/changing room at the County pier

Or somebody's idea of it, anyways. The scary thing is, given how much airbrush artists on the beach charge, that bit of decoration couldnt've been cheap.

Goofy Golf - pure beach town class

Needless to say, it's a somewhat different place during the summer ...
taken in July 2003
And what page about Panama City Beach would be complete without the obligatory picture of Club La Vela? (which is miles away from where all these other pictures were taken and is nowhere near any of the other attractions on the beach)