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Standard "Here's my girlfriend and the kids and the pets and all the other family and friends I happen to have scanned pictures of" shots (or maybe not so standard)
Remember the beach pics? This is how we got there and back (two words - Never Again)
Speaking of beach trips, these are the people we went to see in Florida - my mother and dad (in the back), with their friends John and Sandy (in front), engaged in their favourite activity, karaoke (mike and monitor way in the back)
Me with three of my very long-time friends (from left, me, Jamie, Tim and Mike), after performing a 25 year old ritual of viewing the latest Star Trek movie
Tim has been involved in organised science fiction fandom as a fan and a dealer for over 25 years. Above is a single panel cartoon from his strip "T.R. and Company" that he has been writing for years (note the copyright date). More info available here
Beth and Shanna, dressed to cruise the mall. Yes, I'm serious.
Beth and our pet cockatiel, Wrongway, engaged in a battle of wits (so far it's a dead heat)
Then again, it was hardly a fair contest (for Beth, not the bird) NOTE: Beth has gotten married and has moved across town. If you'd like an insight into who would marry a face like that, go here
The wench, out of garb, taking ownership of Wrongway from his (and her) mother
Bird undergoing initial pirate training
Yours truly, sporting the Professor Manfred von Drake meets 110vAC hairstyle that is his favourite after work, with Wrongway and the new female arguing over perching rights (Note that the female is not named, since "Banshee Bitch From Hell" wouldn't fit on the legband. Any suggestions are welcome)
For a movie of the birds in, erm, "action", click here
Pirate training, dress rehearsal. They apparently got stage fright, refusing to perch on my shoulder and instead choosing to sit on my chest like a pair of brooches
The new bird in town is a sun conure called "Skittles" (three guesses as to how s/he got this name) It's very loving, friendly, and has a screech like a phonograph needle scraping across a slate blackboard. Skittles doesn't fly, althogh we haven't been successful in convincing Skittles of this.
One of Skittles' favorite foods is "Whatever I can pick off the human I'm sitting on at the time"
Formerly wild anole lizards captured by Justin during the vacation in Florida (see the "Life's a Beach" page) and subsequently tamed (as I said, maybe not so standard)
Then again, maybe no so tamed (either that or we've let them watch Jurrasic Park too many times)
Everybody milling around the Washington Monument during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival
Family portrait, May 02. Clockwise from left: Justin, Lynda (sans leather), Robert, Beth (sans fuzzy feet), the Wench and yours truly, the pirate (in a necktie, just like the pirates on Wall Street)
Me, the Wench, the childern and their grandmother, Barbara, who passed away about six months after this was taken. We were quite fortunate to have her stay with us for a visit during this time (though not so fortunate to have her at a portrait sitting - we sat there for over an hour because she kept sticking her tongue out at the camera)
My girlfriend's going to be so sari she let me take this picture