I Haven't the Vegas Ideale

bo This is a *BRIEF* summary of my Vegas trip, for those of you who want pictures and other info about the trip. Between the way we got the trip in the first place (note: not all Hooters prizes involve a Toy Yoda) and the various things we saw during our visit (many of them the color of this text and wallpaper), I could build an entire site around the visit (in my copious free time). In the meantime, here's a more or less random selection of a few of the things we did on our (not quite) summer vacation (in November) ...

This is the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, where we stayed during our trip. Yes, that is a half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower right in front of the hotel ...
... and this is a replica of the Arc de Triumph right outside the hotel
... and yes, the inside of the hotel looks like a quaint French village (until you look at the actual contents of the stores, or the prices thereof)
You know, it's not too hard to get totally carried away with this French thing
Thankfully, the French theme stopped with the plumbing and other hotel room fixtures (no bidet, and three separate phone lines in a standard sized hotel room, including one in the bath)
... and the view outside our window was Pure Vegas
Then again, the Venetian Hotel down the strip is similiarly confused about its actual location
This couple is actually taking a gondola ride inside the hotel
New York, New York does its best to convince you that you're the one who's not where you think you are (and does so convincingly, until outside objects give away the true scale of the place)
Put New York, Venice, Paris, and Monte Carlo all side by side, though, and the effect is Pure Vegas
Speaking of Pure Vegas, even the standard chain restaurants have to overdo it a bit just to get noticed
As bad as this seems, it's not nearly as bad as the Super 8 Motel sign I saw done in this manner (with a blinking "Casino" sign underneath)
... and when one can't stand another second of looking at glitter, there's plent of natural beauty just an hour away
and just getting there can be quite an adventure as well
but then again, no more hazardous than dealinig with the Vegas nightlife
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