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Greece with Turkey (tour of the Peloponnes with two hours in Kusadasi, Turkey)

Oracle, version 1.0
Temple of Apollo at Delphi, home of The Oracle

To get a pronouncement from The Oracle, you would make a monetary gift to the Temple and ask the priests your question. The priests would, in turn, go underneath the temple and repeat the question to The Oracle, who, after chewing on some leaves and inhaling the fumes issuing from some cracks in the rocks, would eventually start to gibber incomprehensibly. The priests would then listen to these gibberings, interpret them, and give you a vague, meaningless answer to your question (as you can see, client-server architecture hasn't changed very much)

Treasury of the Athenians at Delphi
Small but valuable gifts that had been given to The Oracle on behalf of the Greek city-states were kept in treasuries

Acropolis at Athens
Obligatory "Here I Am In Front Of The Acropolis" pic

Some building in Ephesus I couldn't name on a bet
Composite picture produced by scotch taping them together and scanning

The palace at Mycenae
Presumed to be the palace of King Agamemnon

The Lion's Gate, Mycenae
The oldest coat of arms in the Western world