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Public Service Announcement: If you came here from a search engine looking to purchase Renaissance garb, click here (or on the Ren Garb Made To Order link on the left). Due to an unfortunate accident involving an irrational partical accelerator, a liquid lunch, and a pair of rubber bands, Google is finding my personal site on a search for Renaissance clothes (rather than the business site). We Apologize For The Inconvenience (this will show up in large letters of fire if you have the correct font installed)


Welcome to bufungla's local page

This is basically a collection of pictures and tirades concerning my local interests (museums, history) and pastimes (Maryland Renaissance Festival), along with pictures of my family, links to places you've never heard of and other typical home page stuff that nobody but the author is interested in. If you're here, you were probably referred to this site by me or did some truly creative googling (along the lines of "zebra" and "accordion").

This site will probably initially start out as a place to put my all the pictures that my other site doesn't have room for, on account of all the Australia pics I've loaded onto it, in a place that won't expire every few months or so, along with any polemics not suitable for the other site (anything having to do with DC or not having to do with either Australia or the sport of cricket). If you can think of anything I should include on this site, I wouldn't be a bit surprised.


21 Jul (05) - guestbook page removed since it's nothing but a spam bllboard - more repairs coming

21 Nov - new quick-and-dirty page of my Vegas vacation (just in case the bagpipe-playing Elvis inpersonators weren't weird enough)

20 Nov - link to my new Maryland Renaissance Festival site, hardly complete, but with movies of bagpipe-playing Elvis inpersonators, fire breathing, belly dancing, Ukranian milkmaid break dancing, and things just too weird to mention

9 June - link to my new Virginia Renaissance Festival site, complete with movies of axe juggling, fire juggling, balloon swallowing, two handed yo-yo tossing, jousting, swordfighting, mudfights and black powder matchlock rifle firing

5 June - Aus site moved to Geocities (to make room on the ISP site for videos, due to file size upload restrictions on all my other servers)

23 May - new Smithsonian Natural History page, Ren Garb site open for business (the nifty order form with the colour samples has been replaced by a PayPal Shopping Cart)

15 May - link to Beth and TJ's new wedding site, complete with Stupid Photoshop Tricks and too many thumbnails (gimme feedback or I start writing polls and spamming innocent bystanders)

16 Apr - new pics to Friends and Family, new Mt. Vernon page, initial New Zealand South Island page up on Aus site, direct link to RenGarb site (new pics and pages added for cloaks, layered skirts and corsets)

The Jousting Arena, Maryland Renaissance Festival, Crownsville, MD
panoramic shot made from three separate photos using some not-very-good imaging software (note the nut seller all the way on the far right)