Niagara Falls! (Slowly I turn ...)
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Standard tourist shots of Niagara Falls, with a few not-half-bad night shots thrown in

(all taken on the Canadian side in May 1999)
American Falls
This is a shot of American Falls (the half of the Falls on the US side of the border), taken from Canada side (if that makes any sense)
Back side of Horseshoe Falls
The part of Horseshoe Falls that hasn't fallen yet, with the Rainbow Bridge way off in the distance.
Horseshoe Falls
What you expect to see when somebody hands you a picture of Niagara Falls
Closeup of Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls at night
Gives a suggestion of what the nightly light show looks like (the bright shining thing is the moon)
Rainbow Bridge at night
The American Falls and Rainbow Bridge during the nightly light show
Hidden wonders of the Niagara area
This is actually a photo of me at Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, but I didn't scan enough of the Yosemite pics to make a complete page (plus I wanted to see who was paying attention)