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Some of the DC and northern VA area you don't usually see on The Travel Channel

Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington (click the picture to see more)

Carlyle House

The Carlyle House was the site where five Royal Governors met to discuss funding for the French and Indian War. This eventually led to the Stamp Act, which in turn eventually led to the American Revolution. For more info, visit this site

Working lock of the old C&O Canal, Georgetown, DC
Gadsby's Tavern

The Gadsby's Tavern Museum, in Old Town Alexandria, is a restored public house and inn founded in 1770. If you go there for dinner, make sure to get the peanut soup (I'm totally serious). More info here

Monuments as seen from the Potomac

There are several boat cruises originating in Old Town Alexandria that drop off and pick up at Georgetown. Besides being a unique way to see a lot of different views of DC at once, it's also a way to get to Georgetown without having to stare at a row of tailights for hours while trying to drive down M Street

A Federal squirrel, keeping the rest of his team apprised of the peanut situation via a radio disguised as a peanut

"Roger that, we have a peanut situation on the South Lawn. Subject is a tall redhead with a jar of honey roast, repeat that, we have honey roast"

North Lawn of the White House at Christmas
The National Christmas Tree, at the Ellipse

Every year, the Ellipse is taken up by a huge, live tree, some 50 or 60 odd small ones (representing all the states and territories - and believe me, some are quite odd), a train set that most dads only dream about, a huge Yule Log and some really bad entertainment

The George Washington Masonic Monument (also known as the Wedding Cake)

Old George in his Masonic Apron (every bit as disturbing as seeing Lincoln in a Shriner fez)

Lincoln Memorial at night

US Capitol and Washington Monument at night

The construction by the Monument is for the WWII Memorial (note that the Reflecting Pool has been drained)

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Apolllo 11, Gemini 7, the Wright Flyer and at the National Air and Space Museum

The GOES weather satellite (the one I work with)

Japanese Zero at the National Air and Space Museum

Messerschmitt ME-109, also at Air and Space