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Aftermath of the winter storm of February 2003, Washington, DC

Anybody from the northern US or Canada will wonder what the big deal was, and think that people in the DC area are thin skinned wimps. That's probably not too far from the truth. On the other hand, I am constantly hearing from friends down South that they'd love for it to snow where they are. To any of you who imagine how much fun it would be to "play in the snow", feel free to print out one of these pictures, and stare at it intensely while rearranging the items in your freezer for 30 straight minutes

The wonders of the snow plow

The wonder is how the snow plow driver escapes being assassinated by irate drivers who can no longer see their cars

There's a car in there somewhere

I also remember having a license plate

Some people are dug out, some aren't

Those of us who aren't are on the waiting list for a snow shovel

Image of a winter wonderland

(if you're a penguin, that is)

Some very confused birds

Seagulls aren't really accustomed to snow storms

Let it snow - not

Feel free to send this to anybody you know in the Deep South who thinks they want a White Christmas