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A SMALL sampling of pictures taken at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in the fall of 2002.

We have an entire site (under construction) devoted to the MDRF here

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16th Century Klingons with Henry VIII

King Henry VIII with wench

Queen Anne Boleyn and court tolerating a pirate

Master Li chopping flaming boards

Master Li chopping non-flaming pickles

Winged faerie blowing bubbles

Desmond Devereaux sawing a woman in half (during a moment when he wasn't pulling silver dollars from the wench's sandals)

High tech monk

Lynda with King Henry VIII

Misha introducing Lynda to leather

Another day at the office at Ye Old Leather Shoppe

Slash (on Hack and Slash) with leather wenches - the proverbial dirty job that somebody's gotta do

Pirate with WAY too many parrots (post festival, in Old Town Alexandria) Most of the tourists were not ready for seeing 16th century pirates walking up and down the streets. The fact that 18th century historical re-enactors frequented these same streets made things even more confusing.

16th century couple having dinner in the 18th century (at Gadsby's Tavern, Old Town Alexandria). George Washington really did eat here (and it hasn't changed much since)

Wench and pirate at home

Wench and pirate with serious rennies Alex and Nita

Family portrait (wench, pirate and cavalier)

King Henry VIII taking matters into his own hands

Jousting, up close and personal

Nymblewyke doing his fireball trick at Pub Sing ("in the immortal words of my mentor, Daffy Duck, 'This is a trick I can only do - ONCE!'")

Johnny Fox, swallowing a neon sword

Daven, threatening to walk off with Lynda (hardly the first time)

Daven, walking off with Slash

Lynda and Beth, working at the leather shop

Mimi blowing bubbles from atop the front gate

Mimi doing something considerably more hazardous than blowing bubbles

This single picture describes the mud show better than any number of words ever could

Michael Rossman juggling knives from atop a ladder

Evidently knives and ladders weren't challenging enough

Forget sheep - even the roasted snacks aren't safe on Scottish Weekend